Youngman 10 Pcs Oval Toothbrush Makeup Brush Sets Foundation Oval Makeup Concealer Powder Brush Set

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  • Toothbrush Shaped Design- Cut to various shapes and different sizes so to cover all your foundation makeup needs.

  • Arc Brush Face Design- Different angles of the face can be easily on the makeup,It can protect and beauty your skin well.

  • Made of High Density Synthetic Fiber Hairs- Silky soft,Catch the powder well without dropping hair;Premium and ultra soft hair which provides superb ability to hold powder, soft and pleasing for your skin.

  • Versatile Makeup Brushes- Can be used in primers, creams, powder, liquid foundation, moisturizers etc.

  • Perfect Travel Makeup Tool Kits Or Great Gift For Loved Ones-This makeup brush kit will enable you a easy,faster and smooth silky-soft make up journey with a sense of luxury and fashion. And after that they will show your natural beatuty and make you look your best,makeup gift set for loved ones, friends etc.

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Youngman 10 Pcs Toothbrush Shape Makeup Brush Sets Foundation Brushes

* This Youngman toothbrush multipurpose makeup brushes set is cut to various shapes and different sizes so to cover all your foundation makeup needs
* Made of high density synthetic fiber hairs, silky soft. Catch the powder well without dropping hair
* Applicable to all foundation types-liquid, cream or powder
* Going from largest to smallest, brushes 1-3 can be used for foundations, 3-5 for contouring the forehead and cheekbones, 5-10 for concealer, 5 & 10 for eyeshadow, 6-8 for sculpting eyebrows, and 8 & 9 for lips
* Universal in that they cover all needs in terms of application
* Perfect travel makeup tool kits set and makeup gift set

Package Included: 10 Pcs Youngman Toothbrush Makeup Brushes ONLY

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