The Lotion Company 24 Hour Skin Therapy Lotion Combo Kit, Baby Powder

  • $34.17
  • Save $11.26

  • 24-hour, full body moisturizer

  • Baby powder scent

  • 16-ounce pump dispenser and 2-ounce bottle

  • Known to relieve dry, itchy, scaly, chapped, or sunburned skin, psoriasis and eczema

  • 16-ounce pump dispenser and 2-ounce bottle

  • Also available in 11 other light, pleasant scents

  • Petrolatum-free

  • Cruelty-free

  • Made in the U.S.A

The Lotion Company's 24-Hour Skin Therapy is a remarkable blend of ingredients selected to contribute to both health and beauty. These products are carefully handcrafted in modest-sized kettles, not mass-produced in giant vats. The resulting blend is uncommonly easy to apply and absorbs quickly, leaving your skin soft and silky all day. Enriched with aloe vera, macadamia nut oil and sesame seed oil, 24-Hour Skin Therapy offers immediate relief for dry, itchy, scaly skin anywhere on your body. Essential vitamins and minerals help calm, nourish, and rehydrate your skin. Glycerin provides additional moisturizing without the greasy residue that petrolatum-based lotions leave behind. Very popular in the healthcare community, 24-Hour Skin Therapy is gentle enough for sensitive skin and doesn't irritate cracked, chapped skin. The combo kit contains a convenient 16-ounce pump dispenser for home and a 2-ounce bottle for purse or travel. There are twelve light, pleasant scents to choose from: Baby Powder, Citrus Tea, Dahlia Blossom, Fresh Breeze, Free & Clear (fragrance free), Kiwi Mango, Spring Cherry, Sweet Brown Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Bean with Bronzer, Sweet Pea, and Lavender Field. Nothing is smoother. Nothing is finer. Your skin will tell the difference!

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