Spaghetti Headz Chat

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  • Twist It! Charm It! Rock It! Wear It! SpaghettiHeadzTM are the original hair twist made from eco-friendly polymer clay.

  • Package Contents: Includes One 9 Inch Lemony Lime Zest, One 9 Inch Purple Grape Soda, One 9 Inch Orange Lime Crush Colored Twist With The Following Charms: LOL, OMG, BFF

  • Stay in place! Even the most active girls can feel confident and comfortable waving their hair back and forth due to our proprietary hair twist designs!

  • Cut to size for short to long hair, bracelets, pony tails, hair wraps, educational play, creative play and more!

  • Great for special occasions! From birthdays, to christmas, to hannukkah, to graduation SpaghettiHeadzTM are the life of the party!

  • Size : 9 inches

Spaghetti Headz Chat Spaghetti Headz Chat 3 Pack.

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