Purple Lady Amherst Pheasant Feathers, 1 Dozen

  • $19.47
  • Save $9.38

  • Each craft feather is about 1 to 4 inches long

  • Many other colors and lengths available. Check out our store, Moonlight Feather on Amazon.

  • Great for jewelry and crafts!

  • Order by 12pm PST M-F for same day shipment. Closed weekends and national holidays.

  • Color : Purple

This listing is for 12 Lady Amherst tippet feathers. They have black Round bars over a purple background and we dye them to several different colors. These purple feathers have many unique decorative applications and one of them is making them into beautiful jewelry pieces. These pheasant feathers vary widely in shape and size and all feathers are handpicked and in good condition. These tippet feathers range from 1 to 4 inches long and you can easily trim them for the length you prefer.Wholesale and bulk purchase is available upon request. Thanks for looking.

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