Priva Shave Post Treatment Gel For Ingrown Hairs/Shaving Rash

  • $21.89
  • Save $23.89

  • Treats and prevents ingrown hairs, ugly razor bumps, razor rash

  • Treats and prevents skin redness associated with any type of hair removal like waxing, tweezing, laser treatment

  • Anti-inflammatory agents

  • Proudly made in the USA since 1998

  • Use within 22 months of opening

Treats and prevents ingrown hairs, ugly bumps, razor rash. Ingrown hairs are a common but unattractive result of hair removal. Wouldn't it be great to finally rid yourself of ugly ingrown hairs caused by waxing, tweezing and shaving? Priva Shave is a fantastic gel that works quickly to treat and prevent those ugly ingrown hairs, rashes, bumps all caused by hair removal. Priva Shave is the most efficient treatment on the market for these problem skin conditions, with many women seeing visible results within 1 week! Mild enough for daily use on face and body areas, but super effective! Priva Shave is an easy to use, over-the-counter treatment which effectively deals with all of the unattractive byproducts of hair removal such as razor bumps, tissue swelling and skin reddening. Simply apply a light layer after hair removal and then daily to treat and prevent ingrown hairs. How Does Priva Shave Work? Hair removal in any form - waxing, shaving, tweezing, epilating- opens your skin to all sorts of irritations. For women, the biggest problem is shaving and waxing, with some women getting ugly and uncomfortable bumps, red spots, ingrown hairs, bumps, shaving rash. Priva Shave is a post shave gel everyone should have in their bathroom cupboard. Its liquid gel formulation goes on smooth and delivers anti-inflammatory agents where theyre needed, deep into pores and abrasions, thus preventing any discomfort. This stops tissue inflammation which normally causes surface tissue tenderness, skin reddening and hair follicle swelling (ultimately causing an ingrown hair). Priva Shave was one of the pioneers in ingrown hair / post shave treatments following many years of research. If you suffer from any form of shaving / hair removal irritations, you have to try Priva Shave. This really is one of the best treatments you will ever use.

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