Pre-Shave Oil & Post -Shave Balm Combo By Mountaineer Brand: Soften Before And Soothe After Shaving (Cool Mint)

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  • EXPERIENCE YOUR CLOSEST SHAVE EVER with Mountaineer Brand's Pre-Shave oil. Pre-Shave oil is designed to add an additional layer of protection between your skin and your razor. In addition, it softens your skin, making it suppler, allowing your razor to glide over your skin with ease. This is good news for you-it means less cuts, nicks, and gouges.

  • PROTECT, SOOTHE, AND REPAIR your skin after shaving with Mountaineer Brand's Post-Shave Balm. While Pre-shave oil is a good start to reducing razor burn, sometimes it just can't be avoided altogether. Soothe the ache and repair the skin (because you know you have to do it again tomorrow) rub some post-shave balm on and your face will thank you.

  • PERFECT FOR DRY & SENSITIVE SKIN-both products moisturize, protect, and heal dry skin and are mild enough for sensitive skin.

  • EUCALYPTUS ESSENTIAL OIL is known for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and analgesic qualities.

  • TRUSTED BRAND: Shave the Mountaineer way-not just for faces!

  • Color : Cool Mint

Get Barber Shop Close in the comfort of your own bathroom. Pre-shave oil gets you that close shave that you have always wanted while protecting your skin at the same time. Pre-shave oil virtually eliminates cuts, nicks, razor burn, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs.

Detail Like a Pro! Pre-shave oil is helpful for detailed shaving around goatees, side burns, or other areas that you wish to spare the blade.

Post-Shave Balm Heals and Refreshes. The soothing feeling of post-shave balm just can't be beat. Rub some on after you shave and you will feel it going to work right away. You'll swear you'll hear your skin say ahhhh!


Vegan Friendly - no animal products

Cruelty Free - no animal testing

Lightly Scented (No Heavy Scents or Artificial Perfumes)

Finest Ingredients Available

Handcrafted in WV, USA

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