Ponte Giulio | Straight Grab Bar Contractor Series (18 , Biscuit)

Ponte Giulio | Straight Grab Bar Contractor Series (18 , Biscuit)

  • $79.48
  • Save $20.22

  • Superior non-slip coated surface for effective grip

  • Antibacterial and anti-fungal with BioCote technology

  • Soft and warm to the touch, unique for grab bars

  • Multiple color variations for style and ready visualization (safety feature)

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Color : Biscuit

  • Size : 18 inches

Ponte Giulio's Contractor Series line was developed to provide a luxury product with an affordable price. All Contractor Series products are manufactured with a zinc plated steel core, coated in vinyl and all designed to be compliant with ADA regulations. Vinyl coating is unique to grab bars because it's warm to the touch, non-slip, custom colored, anti-bacterial and environmentally-friendly. The steel core provides an ADA-rated 400 lb vertical weight capacity. Fasteners are INCLUDED with product. Flanges are rounded and no screws are visible after installation. Ponte Giulio is providing this line as a cost-effective solution to a safe, non-institutional environment in the home. Comes with lifetime warranty.

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