Paint Glow Blacklight Reactive Uv Lipstick- Neon Pink

  • $22.58
  • Save $8.56

  • Applies smooth and clean

  • Smudge resistant

  • Washes off with soap and water

  • Incredibly bright UV blacklight effects

  • Safe for face and body

  • Color : Neon Pink

  • Size : 14g

Neon pink is strikingly bright in normal light and even brighter in UV lighted conditions! These stunning 14g UV reactive lipsticks have a smooth and creamy texture, are easy to apply and last for hours. They are available in 6 vibrant neon colors that glow brilliantly under UV lighting. The colors available are UV Neon Pink, UV Neon Red, UV Neon Orange, UV Neon Blue, UV Neon Yellow and UV Neon Green. Colors are stunningly bright in regular light and really pop under UV blacklighted conditions! Each lipstick is packaged in a sleek black-base design with a clear, top cover allowing the dazzling neon colors to stand out. Product is designed for special effects use only.

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