Pacific Resources Phyto Shield Botanical Oral Care Toothpaste Herbal, 3.5 Oz.

  • $29.54

  • Uses the unique antibacterial agent totarol

  • Does not contain artificial sweeteners, chemicals or preservatives

  • No sodium lauryl sulphate

  • Assists in prevention of plaques build up

  • Removes stains, freshens breath

  • Size : 3.5

New Zealand is one of the best sources of botanical, agricultural and mineral preparations. Its isolation and natural flora provides the ideal source of phyto nutrients. No animal testing is done on the products, most of the ingredients used are products are manufactured in a nuclear-free environment. Phyto shield natural dental solutions provide protection using the best botanicals that nature has to offer. This toothpaste is available in 3 great varieties: Propolis, lemon myrtle , herbal . Botanical oral care toothpaste is particularly recommended for extra gum care, receding gums and when requiring minimum gum irritation during brushing.

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