Nicedeco Beautiful & Fun & Colorful & Fashion Nail Stickers/Tattoo/Decal Water Transfer Stickers Classical White Floral Lace

  • $15.99
  • Save $5.01

  • 15-20 decals per pack (The false nail tips, gems and any other nail stickers are not included), Instructions provided

  • Simple & easy to use

  • Can be used on natural, false, gel, acrylic or stick on nails

  • Let you imagination run wild, create beautiful designs & creations, add gems, use 2 or more different nail varnishes - the possibilities are endless!

With fashionable style, it is a great decoration to match any nail color, making more attractive and beautiful.
Self-adhesive design, it is more convenient to decorate your nail, just remove sticker then stick it on nail.
Very easy to use and remove, available for professional manicure and home use.
It can be used on natural, false, gel, acrylic or stick on nails.

How to use:
1. Trim & clean the nails, paint your nails with the colour of your choice and dry it out. (The false nails and gems are NOT INCLUDED)
2. Remove the film of product, cut out the design you want to use & plunge into water for 10-30 seconds (use warm water in winter).
3. Using tweezers or a gentle touch- place the water transfer in the desired position on your nail.
4. Sop up any remaining water with a tissue & either wait for 1-2 minutes to set or blast for 30 seconds with a hairdryer.
5. Apply top coat & allow to dry!

Kindly Remind:
Sometimes, the nail decals would fold on itself, please don't worry, you can just let it soak in the water to unfold (use warm water in winter).
If you stick it where you don't want, then just soak your nail in the water (use warm water in winter) and you could be able to move it slightly.

Friendly Recommendation:
In order to ensure the nail decals' visibility, please apply nail polish firstly, then stick the nail decals, and lastly seal with top coat.
This can make the nail more lasting and beautiful.

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