Neitsi 4Mm Silicone Lined Micro Rings Links Beads Linkies For I Bonded Tipped Hair Extensions (500Pcs, Black)

  • $24.73
  • Save $5.75

  • 4mm Silicone-lined Micro Rings

  • Available color: Brown, Blonde, Light Brown, Black, Dark Brown

  • Material: Aluminum & Silicone

  • Installation method is cold fusion method same as standard silicone lined micro ring, you need only nano ring fitting/removal pliers and rings threader and we also have the tool kits needed to install these beads.

  • Color : Black

  • Size : 500pcs

4mm Silicone Lined Micro-ring Links Beads for I Stick Hair Extension Installation and Feathers DIY. Silicone-lined micro rings are made of aluminum metal. Interior of the ring is cushioned silicone lining, which will protect your hair from being damaged. It holds human hair very tightly after pinched and it will not easily get slide when wearing. There are two advantages for silicon rings:1) No damage to human hair. It is because there is very soft silicone lined inside, so it is very safe to human hair even it is pinched very tightly. 2) No sidling from human hair. How to Use Step 1. Simply thread the micro ring onto the threading hook. Step 2. Take a strand of your own hair and slide the micro ring onto your own hair strand by hooking it into the threading hook. Then slide the micro ring onto your own hair. Step 3 Take the extension and slide the I-Tip bond into the ring from the bottom. Step 4 Clamp the ring shut with the closing / opening tool! Step 5 Do several rows on back of head and the sides of head. Step 6 Cut and style extensions. Finished! The extensions will last several months; depending on how fast your own hair grows. Eventually, the micro rings will have to be removed, or moved up towards the scalp again. Indications The tools you need: 1pc Pliers& 1pc Micro Pulling Needle& 1pc Loop threader

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