Natural Facial Wash 4.0Z

Natural Facial Wash 4.0Z

  • $35.03
  • Save $4.69

  • Natural Facial Wash

  • Sudsy with Natural Bubbles.

  • Tea Tree with Keep Your Face Clear and Radiant.

  • No Sulfates (SLS)

  • Promotes Healthy Skin

Cleansing your face with natural botanical extracts will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed. Van Yulay's Facial Wash is a luxurious, extra mild, and gentle liquid soap. This product contains natural ingredients made from natural oils and plant sources. It contains no harsh chemicals, additives, colorants, SLS agents or other additive ingredients. Enjoy the rich foamy lather that won't leave a residue. With the added tea tree oil, this facial wash will help to keep your face clear and acne-free.

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