Mssilk Lavender Sleep Aid Pure Silk Eye Mask With Brocade Pouch Gift (White Eyelashes)

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  • 100% Mulberry silk. It stays on all night and light as a feather.

  • With teeming hydrophilic groups and multi-porosity, the protein fiber of silk can help intake and keep moisture.

  • Silk on the body plays a certain massage role that can prevent wrinkle when rubbing against the skin. It strengthens the activity of epidermal cells and reduces the possibility of microbes' breeding.

  • BREATHABLE silk are widely acknowledged as 'human's secondary skin' and lauded as 'Queen of fibers'. It has lowest frictional irritation to human's skin among all kinds of fibers.

  • Filling with superior dried lavender buds, allaying tiredness promptly and giving you a deep sleep.

  • Color : White Eyelashes

  • Size : one size

Skin-friendly lining and filler
The lining is made of pure silk, which is skin-friendly to the delicate skin with essential amino-acids. It's light as a feather and perfect for breathability. The filler is the queen of all fibers, mulberry silk. These fibers arise from the natural cocoon made by the bombyx mori, which is raised under extremely controlled circumstances.

Improving the quality of sleep
Known as a beauty treatment for centuries in Eastern Cultures, silk is a natural way of keeping wrinkles at bay. As you sleep, MSSilk silk eye mask helps reduce moisture loss and wrinkles around the eyes.
MSSilk also improves the blood circulation around the eyes, reducing blood congestion in the eyeballs, and thus preventing dark circles.
Silk not only excels at heat radiating, due to its multi-porous fiber structure, it's also good at heat preservation. It can aid blood circulation and digestion while sleeping.

Sleep Anywhere
You can enjoy an extra sleep anywhere, such as your office with bright light or a tiring trip on the bus. If you want a morning beauty sleep, MSSilk also helps you keep the sunlight out of your eyes. Relaxation comes naturally with this MSSilk eye mask.

16 prints are available
Size: length: 20.5cm/8.1in; widest width: 9.5cm/3.7in; narrowest width: 7.45cm/3in. Adjustable band length: 50cm/19.7in
Package include: 1 MSSilk Sleep Mask+1 Carry Pouch
MSSilk silk sleep mask is protected by a Fine Pouch, the pouch will be sent at random.

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