Lebel Cool Orange Scalp Conditioner 130G

Lebel Cool Orange Scalp Conditioner 130G

  • $32.45
  • Save $25.37

  • Product Size (width X depth X height): 60x40x180

  • Country of origin: Japan

  • Contents: 130g

Gently removes excess sebum jammed in the product introduction pores, conditioning agents to give moisture to the scalp. Familiar in a short period of time and sebum, it is a refreshing feeling in the refreshing ingredients. Raw materials and component water, DPG, PEG-40 water Y widening oil, ethanol, orange oil, Phyllostachys root extract, jojoba oil, peppermint oil, tocopherol, menthol, carbomer, AMP, perfume, EDTA-2Na, methoxy cinnamic acid octyl, methylparaben

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