Golden Brown Velvet Scrunchies-Large

Golden Brown Velvet Scrunchies-Large

  • $23.66
  • Save $10.88

  • Handmade in USA. 6 Month Warranty

  • Outer Diameter approx. 6.5, Inner Diameter Approx. 1.5

  • Velvet's nap grips hair gently but well. Holds all day.

  • Machine Wash Gentle

  • 10 years of Customer Satisfaction

  • Color : Brown

  • Size : Large

Gorgeous golden brown velvet hair scrunchies! This fabric is 90% polyester,10% lycra and is machine washable. This scrunchy is available in five sizes - Regular, Small, Large, Full and Jumbo.The nap on velvet clings to your hair just the right amount and does not slip during the day.

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