Anthocyanin Hair Manicure Color Second Edition 230G/ 8.1 Oz (B01 Blue Black) - Semi Permanent Hair Dye Blue Black - Tempting Hair Color -Uv Protection - Plant Protein

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  • Coat your hair with Color tempting as like manicure.

  • Experience a range of tempting colors(45 Colours). With use you will notice richer, brighter highlights.

  • Big Size Tube : 230ml - Double than others

  • Can be mixed with each other, allowing you to create your own unique shade with ease

  • Long lasting Colors, Sweet Scent, No Peroxide, No Ammonia and Yes UV Protection, Yes Plant Protein

  • Color : B01 BLUE BLACK

Anthocyanin second Edition(Acid Color) not only protects scalp trouble but also makes hair cortex healthy
and lustrous with botanocal element which has excellent effect protecting scalp and botanical protein such as hair cuticle protein.

This product containing element to protect your hair against moisture loss is fashion color lasting beautiful color hair long with
strong absorptive power of hair color and botanical element that cut off ultraviolet ray.

There is no fading at all but a little bit of discoloring.
Moreover, featuring dyeing being done promptly and furthermore, as gel type, dyed evenly among all without running down.
There are about 40 various kind of colors that make you possible to choose any of what you want and to create your own color.
As distributedcolor permeates evenly onto hair, apparent and natural color expression can be possible.

How to Use

1. After washing hair, dry(80%) then apply Anthocyanin 2nd Edition onto hair evenly among all.
(Apply carefully to not reach skin)

2. Heating treatment - After applying, put cotton on the face line to prevent the leaking.
Cover with rap or plastic cap and Heat at 40 about 15~20 minuite.(At home: Can use a hair dryer to heat)

3. Cold towel treatment(10 min.) - Set down cool towel over plastic cap putting on hair for high coloring effect after heating.
(cold towel treatment has strong influence of coating thicknesss and maintain the long-lasting color.)

4. Then rinse enough and shampoo. In case of using mixed color with one thing and another, please check the result of mixed color.
(Do not use washable off hair treatment)

* It is easy to wash out appying cream to around ear and forehead part before coloring.

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