Anthocyanin Hair Manicure Color Second Edition 230G/ 8.1 Oz (A02 Gray)

  • $33.68
  • Save $8.88

  • AHA / UV Protection / Plant Protein / Anti-sodium / Hair proteins

  • Experience a range of tempting colors. With use you will notice richer, brighter highlights.

  • Anthocyanin Hair Manicure will maintain the perfect color and will not stain your skin

  • Finally, you are in control of your hair color while improving its health, shine and body.

  • Anthocyanin takes on a different color depending on the pH balance of water.
    It is called Hwachungso in Korean and is a source of the colors red, blue and violet.
    The changing colors of (MAPLE TREES or MAPLE LEAVES) is caused by Anthocyanin.
    This acid coloring agent - the source of a variety of colors - was chosen as the name for this brand as it symbolizes the modern person seeking difference.

  • Color : A02 GRAY

Anthocyanin second Edition(Acid Color) not only protects scalp trouble but also makes hair cortex healthy
and lustrous with botanocal element which has excellent effect protecting scalp and botanical protein such as hair cuticle protein.

This product containing element to protect your hair against moisture loss is fashion color lasting beautiful color hair long with
strong absorptive power of hair color and botanical element that cut off ultraviolet ray.

There is no fading at all but a little bit of discoloring.
Moreover, featuring dyeing being done promptly and furthermore, as gel type, dyed evenly among all without running down.
There are about 40 various kind of colors that make you possible to choose any of what you want and to create your own color.
As distributedcolor permeates evenly onto hair, apparent and natural color expression can be possible.

What is Anthocyanin?

Anthocyanin is red, purple and blue pigment which changes by aqueous pH.
It existed in flower, fruit and vegetables.
In Korea, we call Wha Chung So In fall the protein that attached at chlorophyll of plant changes into amino.
This process creates sugar which excels the creation of anthocyanin and other colors.
It explains how maple changes it color. However, anthocyanin is not only produced in maples.
The red pigment of rose and the blue pigment of Agrostemma githago is also anthocyanin.
Our brand concept is change, modern and variety. Our brand concept matches with anthocyanin.
That is why we named Anthocyanin.
Like change of plant color, our Acid Color helps our customers to express their individuality.

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