[1960Ny] Aqua Intensive Emulsion (3.38 Fl. Oz. / 100 Ml)

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  • The dual-function product manages both wrinkles and skin tone : The Korean Food and Drug Administration-approved skin whitener niacinamide and wrinkle care adenosine effectively treat wrinkles and even out skin tone.

  • Japanese Knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum Root) Extract : Rich in polyphenol resvesterol, the water-soluble plant helps treat skin tone and texture. / Swiss Alpine Herb : Unaffected by pollution or heavy metal, Alpine herbs from the high altitudes of Switzerland can effectively moisturize and revitalize skin to keep it healthy.

  • Venuceane : Venuceane is a ferment of Thermus thermophilus, a microorganism with high biotechnological potential that survives in extreme conditions and temperatures. Rich in multifunctional and stable enzymes, the anti-aging ingredient prevents dryness caused by the harmful environment and fully moisturizes skin to relieve irritation and stress.

  • Mourera Fluviatilis Extract : Mourera fluviatilis extract comes from a type of algae found in the tropical rain forest or Amazon River in South America. The plant is known to retain water in the body and bloom only during dry season. With its excellent ability to retain moisture, the extract helps rough skin absorb and retain moisture.

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen (low-molecular collagen) : Collagen is scleroprotein, which takes up about 70% of the derma under skin's epidermic layer. Collagen helps retain moisture and skin's natural functions for healthy skin. Generally, the molecular size of collagen is large, making it difficult to be applied and absorbed into skin

  • thus, it is deemed less than ideal ingredient for cosmetic products.

  • Size : 3.38 Ounces

# For all skin types?
Milky white in color, Moisturizes and stores moisture
Create a Look That? Blooming and Bursting with Moisture!

# Main Ingredients?
- Improving wrinkles / Whitening skin : Adenosine / Niacinamide
- Soothing skin / Hydrating skin : Swiss Alpine Herb / Venuceane
- Moisturizing / Hydrating skin : Sea Water / Mourera Fluviatilis Extract

# Fill skin with water energy and keep skin moisturized?
- The 1960 NY Aqua Intensive Emulsion helps skin store water energy by activating the water reserve and makes skin resistant to dryness.
Aqua Intensive Emulsion also balances oil and water and leaves skin smooth without stickiness.

# Express smooth skin by controlling unruly dead skin cells?
- The 1960 NY Aqua Intensive Emulsion helps skin store water energy to control unruly dead skin cells on the surface and
moisturize skin to make it look very smooth.

# Low-molecular collagen fully enriches every part of skin?
- Low-molecular collagen thoroughly fills every pore and between skin with moisture and nutrients and treats skin itchiness
due to dryness to keep skin healthy.

# The 1960NY Aqua Intensive Emulsion is recommended for concerns like??
- Because of my sensitive skin, it? hard to treat dead skin cells.
- I want to treat face and neck wrinkles together.
- My skin feels flaky and has no resilience.
- I want to protect my dry skin.
- I want to have smooth, fine skin texture.

- Paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, propylene glycol, sulfate-based surfactants, triethanolamine, artificial color

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