Pumice Stone, Foot Stone Scrubber Callus Remover, Pedicure Tools For Exfoliation To Remove Dead Skin, Foot Rasp For Foot, Heel, Toes, Dry Dead Skin Scrubber Corn Remover Natural Foot File Massage Spa

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  • NATURAL LAVA PUMICE STONE----Pumice is formed when hot lava mixes with water and hardens, resulting in a porous and abrasive stone perfect for sloughing away dry skin. Every foot pumice stone has a different size, shape and color as they are naturally occurring stones. A natural pumice stone has great cleaning abilities.

  • FOOT SPA ---Foot scrubber contains trace elements massages and stimulates blood flow relieves fatigue, promotes relaxation Ideal callus remover remove dead skin for healthy feet With daily use, your skin will become baby smooth soft, silky skin like after SPA treatments.

  • SMOOTH YOUR FEET --- Use of a pumice stone two to three times every week improves the appearance of the skin, your feet will look just as smooth, soft, and clean as they did the last time you left the salon. Natural pumice stones are a simple way to make your pedicure last.

  • REMOVES DEAD SKIN---Dead skin cells accumulate in the pores of the stone after usage, effectively soften and remove dry, hard skin, and helps remove stains, corns and calluses to give your feet a healthy glow!

  • EASY TO USE --- It's the perfect size and fits into the palm of the hand for easy use and looks pretty cool. Foot pumice with a free suction hook, just use a little soap to fully clean off the stone. Then it's ready for the next use!

1, Remove the sole dead skin, massage the soles of the feet, adjust blood pressure, eliminate fatigue, promote metabolism and improve immunity.
2, Clean your face with water soaked pumice stone, making the skin smooth, moist,whitening and elastic.
3, Purify water quality by putting into the fish tank & provide natural mineral nutrition by putting on the pot plants.
4, Provide natural mineral nutrition by putting on the pot plants, which is conducive to plant growth.
5, Remove the odor and disinfection sterilization by putting into the refrigerator or freezer.
6, Sterilize or purify water quality by putting into the fish tank.

1, Fill a bathtub or a shallow basin with warm, soapy water, then soak the foot for 10-15minutes to soften the skin. Add two to three drops of baby oil for extra softening and moisturizing, if desired.
2, Dip the pumice stone in the warm, soapy water, then use the wet stone to rub areas of rough skin gently for two to three minutes. Use light pressure and move.
3, Rinse the area thoroughly, then pat your skin dry with a soft towel. Don't rub hard because the skin may be sensitive.
4, Massage a moisturizer such as a thick cream or vitamin E oil into the just-treated areas to return moisture to the skin.
5, Rinse the pumice stone in clear water, then put it in a dry location until the next time you use it.

Repeat 2-3 times for thick dead skin. It is normal phenomenon that it is not clean for the first use, moderate rubbing feet,
and it is not right that the more clean, the better. Excessive rubbing easily injures feet

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