Da Vinci Nails Series 18100 Acrylic Technique Nail Brush, Flat Kolinsky Red Sable With Plexiglass Handle, Size 8

  • $39.67
  • Save $89.04

  • Nail art brush kolinsky red sable flat with plexiglass handle, handmade in Germany

  • Plexiglass handles are strong, secure and easy to clean

  • Da Vinci are the experts at highest quality kolinsky red sable hair shaping

  • Size : Flat, Size 8

Da Vinci's lines of nail brushes are made in their German factory. With eco-friendly, green manufacturing practices, Da Vinci builds their brushes with only the best materials, they are built to last. Brush making knowledge has been handed down by generations for perfect shaping of each brush. Family owned and operated since 1890.

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