Beetles Liquid Latex For Nails,Cuticle Guard Simply Peel Off Latex Nail Tape 15Ml Each Bottle

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  • Quick Dry, Easy to Use

  • Safe Formula, Does not Hurt the Skin

  • Formula withstands colder temperatures Without Drying!

  • Perfect for nail art, stamping, Ombre nails, etc

  • What you get:2 Liquid Latex for Nails and 1 manicure stick, hassle-free and friendly customer service.

Package Included:2 Bottles of Latex Tape for Nail Art (Pink and White)And 1 manicure stick

Volume: 15ml/bottle(0.21oz)


***Formula withstands colder temperatures without drying!***

Easy to Use: Quick dry, easily peel it off when completely dry

Suitable for Nail Types: Marbling, gradients, nail polishing, French tips, stamping, and many other types of nail art


1. Apply Latex Tape to the skin around your nails, wait 2-3 minutes (depending on the temperature of your hand and thickness of application) Let dry completely (pink turns clear pink)

2. Apply nail art or desired gel polish (stamping, Ombre, marbling or etc.)

3. Once finished with manicure, peel off latex tape with your finger or tweezers.

4. Finished! A beautiful manicure with clean cuticles and edges!

Friendly Reminder:

1. Shake the bottle before applying.

2. Ensure that the latex is completely dry before peeling it off. The formula will turn clear when completely dry. Lightly feel with your finger to check. This will help the latex peel off skin properly.

3. Please keep away from children! Not a toy to be played with or accidentally consumed!

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